Batteries for UPS

Batteries for UPS

Give a new life to your UPS!

Most UPSes use sealed, valve-regulated, lead-acid (VRLA) batteries, which are commonly called “maintenance-free



Even maintenance-free batteries need to be inspected to see whether there is corrosion build up or leaks, and the terminal connections are tight. Without any kind of maintenance, your batteries often will have a shorter life.


At each change, renew the life of your UPS.

The inverters contain standard CE approved batteries that allow use in a closed environment without gas release.

Our models are lead acid batteries without maintenance.

You will find the same in security and surveillance systems.

We put at your disposal batteries IPower brand but also major brands such as CSB or Yuasa.

IPOWER                                                                        CSB                                                                                      YUASA

What to check in case i need to maintain batteries ?

If a battery is undersized for a load, battery run time and life expectancy will be shortened. You can verify your sizing with the Load and Runtime Calculator to ensure you have a properly sized battery bank for your current load.


A battery’s rated capacity is based upon an ambient temperature of 18-25°C. If a battery is operated at higher temperatures, its usable life will be shortened. Ambient temperature may not be a problem for UPS batteries used in air-conditioned data centers, but it could be a problem in industrial locations, unprotected environments or hot climates


Battery charging, over time the chemicals in the battery deplete, which cause the battery to deliver less power and for shorter periods of time for a given load. Hence, no matter how carefully you use a battery, at some point, it’s time for battery “retirement.”


UPS requirement:
We recommend installing the UPS in a temperature-controlled environment and within specified limits and not near open windows or areas that contain high amounts of moisture, dust, or corrosive fumes. Also, keep ventilation openings free.


“Maintenance-free” UPS batteries do not require replacement fluid, but they do require periodic maintenance. Visually inspect batteries for cleanliness and remove any dust, dirt, or debris. Leaking batteries or batteries with excessive swelling should be properly disposed of and replaced.

All dimensions are in (mm)


Please see with us for every maintenance for the type of batteries purchased with us.


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